What is Tai Chi?

What is "T'ai Chi Ch'uan"? In the west it's usually referred to as simply "Tai Chi". Tai Chi is both a form of low-impact exercise and a form of meditation. It can be used to reduce stress, improve posture, improve coordination, and improve balance. Tai Chi can be used by itself or in conjunction with other workout programs to help build the smaller muscles missed by strength training which typically tend to focus on building the large muscle groups. Tai Chi strengthens the small muscles used for posture and balance. The Yang 24 Form of Tai Chi featured in this Android application can be done in under 10 minutes and requires no additional equipment or previous physical conditioning.

Tai Chi has its roots as a martial art practiced in ancient China for many centuries. The Tai Chi fighting style emphasized fluid movement and countering an attacker's blow by redirecting the force of impact rather than trying to counter it head-on. Over the last 100 years, the Tai Chi fighting style was adopted as a form of exercise and meditation. The fighting movements were slowed and a number of the fighting forms were chained together to create a slow-motion, dance-like form of exercise. (Please note that you don't need to know any martial arts to learn Tai Chi!) The slow movement speed requires the performer to focus on the smoothness of their motion while maintaining good balance and posture. This concentration on movement, balance, and posture is why Tai Chi is a form of meditation. Tai Chi focuses the mind on the body, thus providing a relaxing distraction from daily troubles.

The problem with Learning Tai Chi from DVDs and most videos

If you have ever tried to learn Tai Chi from a video such as a DVD, you've likely become discouraged. Tai Chi is very much a 3-dimensional art form which makes it difficult to follow with the limited viewing angles typical of most videos. Plus, it's difficult to learn Tai Chi when you're spending most of your time with the remote searching/rewinding/playing/pausing the DVD in order to study each of the Tai Chi forms.

If you've searched for instructional videos on the internet, you've likely discovered the videos have poor picture quality and are often fragmented or incomplete. Worse still is that the video players used by most browsers typically have no provisions for looping a section of video or playing it in slow motion. You need something better.

Introducing the Tai Chi Y24 Android App

The Tai Chi Y24 Android application eliminates the frustration with using DVDs or videos found on the net and gives you far better control over the viewing experience. Plus the video is crystal clear. There is no need to deal with a grainy video or fight with a DVD player. Tai Chi Y24 uses technology drawn from today's 3D video games to create a virtual Tai Chi master who will be there at your finger tips to show you how to properly perform Tai Chi. This particular version teaches the popular 'Simplified Yang 24 Form' (hence, the Y24 in the app's name). Y24 allows you to select which form(s) to study, allows you to move the camera around for better viewing, and allows you to control the playback speed. You can play the Yang 24 Form from start to finish in its entirety or choose a smaller portion for study. The app will play the selected portion, pause, and then repeat the selected section automatically for you. You can set the playback speed to slow motion to make it easier to see what's happening. There is also a mirror mode to make it easier to follow along. You can also move the camera around at any time to see things that a fixed camera viewpoint would miss. It's like having your own personal Tai Chi instructor packed into your Android.






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